Royal Winter Fair Show Results 

*7 animals in the Top 10 & 4 in the Top 5!

Intermediate Yearling- RJF VIP Kupcake-4th
Milking Intermediate Yearling- RJF Premier Insane-4th
Milking Yearling-RJF Engineer Charmer-9th
4 Year Old-RJF Premier Chance-6th
Mature Cow-RJF Comerica Memento-9th
Lifetime Production Class- RJF Comerica Charity- 3rd
Lifetime Production Class-Huronia RBR Bree-5th
Premier Exhibitor Banner-3rd

Quinte Championship Show Results 

Junior Calf- RJF Oliver Victoria-4th
Int.Calf-RJF Premier Cinderella-4th
Sept. Calf-RJF Premier Glow-2nd
Sum. YRLG-RJF Viral Licorice-1st
Sum. YRLG-RJF Viral Lollipop-4th
Winter YRLG-RJF VIP Kupcake-1st
Winter YRLG-RJF Premier Insane-2nd
3rd Junior Herd
Junior Premier Breeder Banner
Junior Premier Exhibitor Banner
Sr.2 RJF Victorious Champ-2nd
Jr. 3- RJF Bruce Silk-3rd
4 Yr. Old- RJF Premier Chance-2nd
5 Yr. Old- RJF Ontime Mischief-1st
Mature Cow-RJF Iatola Magic-2nd
Lifetime Component Class- Huronia RBR Bree-1st
Lifetime Component Class- RJF Comerica Charity-2nd
Breeders Herd-1st
Premier Breeder Banner
Premier Exhibitor Banner

Quinte/Trent Parish Show Results 

March Calf-RJF VIP Rosie-5th
Int.Calf-RJF VIP Peaches-2nd
Int.Calf-RJF Premier Cinderella-3rd
Sept. Calf-RJF Premier Glow-2nd
Sept. Calf-RJF Oliver Jewels-3rd
Sum. YRLG-RJF Viral Licorice-1st & Honourable Mention Champion
Sum. YRLG-RJF Viral Lollipop-2nd
Winter YRLG-RJF Premier Insane-1st
Winter YRLG-RJF VIP Kupcake-3rd
1st Junior Herd
Junior Premier Breeder
Junior Premier Exhibitor