Robert & April Jarrell and family from Corbyville, Ontario farm 600 acres and milk 70 registered Jerseys and 20 registered Holsteins. The original farm was purchased in 1977 and from humble beginnings with 22 cows has grown to 220 head with some of Canada’s top cow families.

Robert and April are very proud of their three children Bobby, Jackie and Donnie. In 2005, Bobby graduated from the University of Guelph earning his Bachelor of Science Degree. Upon graduation, Bobby returned to work on the family farm full-time. In August 2009, he married Jennifer Smith. Bobby and Jennifer have three children: Charlotte, Sidney & Felicity.

Jackie graduated from her Division 1 Ice Hockey Scholarship in 2008 from Mercyhurst University in Pennsylvania U.S.A earning a Bachelor of Science Degree before returning to complete her Exercise Science Master’s Degree in 2013. In 2015, Jackie built Gold Performance Training directly across from the main dairy barn. She is currently a part-time high school teacher, owns and operates Gold Performance Training and remains involved in the family farm. She is also a current member of Team Canada Inline Hockey.

Donnie graduated in 2009 from the University of Guelph/Humber earning both his Bachelor of Applied Arts and a Diploma in Journalism. Donnie is involved in the family farm and the construction business. Donnie married Erica Kir in 2016 and together they have a son, Dylan.

Many All Canadian, Star Brood Cows and Champion Show Cows have been developed at RJ Farms and have contributed to receiving the Master Breeder Shield in 2008. RJ Farm’s success in the show ring includes: Champion Cow at the World Dairy Expo in 1983 and more recently, Junior Champion at Louisville, Kentucky and All American Junior Herd in 2008. They have also won several Premier Breeder and Exhibitor Banners at many major shows in Ontario. They have twice exhibited the Futurity winner at the Royal Winter Fair; in 1983 with Rock Ella BSV Natasha and in 2007 with RJF Centurion Bella. In 2008, RJ Farms won the Premier Breeder Banner at the Red and White Holstein Show at the Royal.   RJF Remake Becky EX 96 was the Top Producing Cow in Canada in 2009 and was Canadian Cow of the Year in 2013. RJ Farms won Premier Breeder at the RAWF in 2012 and 2013 and had Reserve Champion Cow at the RAWF in 2013 with RJF Jamaica Rockstar.

RJ Farms continues to strive with their breeding program to incorporate type and production. The current Rolling Herd Average for Jerseys is 7605 4.8 3.8 with BCAs of (242-215-245). The current Rolling Herd Average for Holsteins is 10459  3.6 3.3 with BCAs of (230-224-235). The average classification score at RJ Farms for Jerseys is 89.8 having 50 EX, 26 VG and 3 GP Jerseys. The average classification score at RJ Farms for Holsteins is 86.3 having 5 EX, 11 VG and 3 GP Holsteins.

RJ Farms continues its excellence in Jersey breeding today, through some recent purchases of top young cows, as well as continued development of existing cow families. A considerable amount of embryo transfer work continues as well as show success with a new generation of star performers. Their commitment to the balance of world renowned Canadian type with increasingly impressive production figures ensures that the RJF prefix will only continue to excel in the future.
In 2010, RJ Farms hosted the Hastings County Plowing Match with over 18,000 people attending. RJ Farms also hosted the Red Carpet Sale in 2010 with just under a $5000.00 average.  The top Seller of the sale was RJF Jamaica Rockstar going to Billings Farm in Vermont for $ 21,000.00.
RJ Farms is committed to the Jersey Breed with their involvement in various committees over the years. Bob is a past Jersey Ontario and Jersey Canada President.  Bobby has been a member of the Genetic Improvement Committee as well as the Hastings County Milk Committee and is the current Jersey Ontario President. April is a past member of the Jersey Canada Marketing Committee, while Jackie is a past chair of the Jersey Canada Youth Committee. Donnie has been a member of the Bellevile Agricultural Society for 10 years including serving as President during that time.